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Monday, April 04, 2005

'Non-Deterministic' Sequential Convoys

A long, long break between posts. Actually was working on some custom adapters, which kinda left me with little to post. Anyways, today morning a colleague of mine was facing a problem with Sequential Convoys. He didn’t know how many messages he was going to receive in a particular convoy. Consequently, he didn’t know how many times to loop the Receives that follow the co-relation set (Hence, the "Non-Deterministic" in the title).

A simple solution exists to solve this problem. Use a Listen shape! A Listen shape with the Following Receive(s) in one branch and a Delay shape in the other, provides us with a graceful 'Timeout' kind of mechanism. Here’s a screen shot of how to plug in the Listen logic in your sequential convoys.

Most information in my previous post about Uniform Sequential Convoys holds true in this case too.

Post a comment if you need any clarifications.

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