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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

HIPAA Accelerator 3.0 Error deciphering

The BizTalk Accelerator for HIPAA 3.0 throws up a mighty detailed error in the event log when it fails during Xml to EDI translation and/or validation. These errors tend to look a little scary (they scared me at the very least). An example would be :

Status report details: SRH DevBT03 200411122204111 DEFAULT 2 DEFAULT
SRM 00000000 00010168 101 0 837 004010HC09translate failed 0000010000010000000000010 10168
SRE 001030ProcessSegment 00053 000TS837Q1_2420A_NM103__RenderingProviderLastOrOrganizationName source format: [101 0 ,XML 1.0]\r\nsource document: [837 004010DEFAULT X X098A1,Health Care Claim: Professional]\r\nsource segment: [data#53,def#232,name=TS837Q1_2420A_NM1_RenderingProviderName]\r\nsource element: [def#4,elm#0,comp#0,name=TS837Q1_2420A_NM103__

RenderingProviderLastOrOrganizationName], (msgnr:1 segnr:53)(line:2 pos:11671 filepos:11953)

Look for the last numeric code following the SRE element. In this case its 001030. Ignore the 0010 part and you are left with 30. Open [document's home]\HIPAA_EDI\Subsystem\EIF\live.eif with notepad. Please be careful not to edit this file!! Preferrably create and open a copy. The first section of the file contains code to message mapping entries like :
ET1000001The path does not exist. Check the folder location.

Look for the entry matching our code i.e. 30. We have :
ET1000030The document does not contain a required element. Contact the sender.

So, the actual interpretation of the event log message is :
"The required element/attribute TS837Q1_2420A_NM103__RenderingProviderLastOrOrganizationName in the segment TS837Q1_2420A_NM1_RenderingProviderName is missing."

Now that's a LOT less frightening I think. :)


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