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Thursday, November 11, 2004

HIPAA Accelerator 3.0 Gotchas

I stumbled across a couple of things w.r.t the BTS 2K4 and the HIPAA Accelerator 3.0, which I feel are worthy of a mention.

  1. SQL Server 2000 client components are needed on the BizTalk boxes when SQL Server 2000 is installed on a separate box.
  2. DTC (Distributed Transaction Coordinator) must be enabled for Network Access (via Windows Component Setup) on all computers participating in the configuration, administration and message processing.
  3. The user under which the HIPAA EDI windows service is configured to run, must be a member of the BizTalk Application Users group.
  4. All HIPAA 3.0 schemas should be validated using the XSD2EDI utility located at ......Program Files\Microsoft BizTalk Accelerator for HIPAA 3.0\HIPAA_EDI\Subsystem at least once (on all BizTalk boxes where HIPAA is installed) before the HIPAA Accelerator can start processing messages.
  5. For multi-box BizTalk Installations you might want to consider making the HIPAA Documents Home directory a network share.
  6. For ANSI 835p there exists a context property named CountOfTranslatedDocs, which can be used for correlating 835's from a single file into a sequential convoy.
  7. Ensure that the login credentials for the HIPAA EDI Windows service and the BizTalk Host under which the HIPAA Adapter runs, match.

More additions later. Any queries, post a comment.


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